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You need a plumber quickly ?

plumbing service in Brussels & Antwerp 24h/24 & 7/7

Our plumbers offer their services and this 7 days on 7 & 24heures/24 within a radius of 30km from Brussels and antwerp

Whether it’s a plumbing repair, a drain your pipes or boiler repair, we provide repair service and custodial plumbers, heating and drain cleaners standing ready to respond to emergencies such as major water leaks, gas leaks or unblocking not allow you to use more than your health.

We carry all general plumbing that covers the installation, troubleshooting and renovation plumbing in both emergency and long-term as well.

Our teams work on water leaks, valves, flushing, sealing, connecting devices, sanitary plumbing and repair any plumbing.

Plombing service

Among our main interventions often come changes in equipment of all kinds (toilet, water heater, boiler …) unblocking of small and large pipe and renovations or construction sites.

Realization of all plumbing work the bathroom to the kitchen:

plumbing repair, water heater repair, bathtub, water pipe, etc..

A quality service is offered by our plumbers for piping: heating, plumbing repair, maintenance and repair of plumbing and that whatever the specificity of the pipe (water pipes, gas or electricity) some is also the nature of the pipe (steel, lead, copper or PVC) and for our heating boiler repair, heating repair, urgent maintenance of radiators and pipes.

Our plumber, heating also provides sweeping pipes, boiler scaling ensures your heating and radiators.

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